Sunday, 31 May 2009

This post is going to self-destruct soon....

Here's absolutely nothing to do with my repstrap. Can you guess what it is?

Yep, I grew a big turd!

(This post will be removed unless I get requests for it to stay...)


  1. Excellent! LOL

    hmmm... delicious...? maybe it tastes better than it looks!

  2. :-) It might need a little bit more explanation!
    Without the story:

    a) you've posted a picture of a turd in a mug
    b) the caption is 'Yep, I grew a big turd'

    I'm not sure how this looks to anyone else...!

  3. It is a robust recipe - I changed just about everything to make one for a no dairy, no wheat diet for someone I know, and it still worked. Best made in a BIG mug, though.
    Even my Mum asked for the recipe!

  4. Now I'm curious, *what* is it -- some sort of egg/starch/air souflee (spelling?) type of thing?

    -- Larry