Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Exciting stuff

I've just received my first shipment from the States. This one comes from the RepRapResearchFoundation store. Which reminds me, I forgot to mention that my last little motor was supposed to be "signed for" - but the postie just shoved the Jiffy-type bag through the letterbox. Today's delivery was even more bizarre; I was sat upstairs when I heard the post being delivered. Later on, I went to the fron door to get the post, and planned to take it outside to read over lunch, only there in the open back door way, was more post: envelopes and this parcel.
Today's comes with a customs declaration label stating it to be "sample engineering research materiasl" (sic). The sender's signature is printed. I would have expected that would have to be a signature. Zachary sounds very proper.
Parcelling has been cushioned with, I presume, the US version of Yellow Pages. Good idea. (But a category for "syrups"?) I think this paper tears white, so we can recycle it here.

I ordered 3 opto endstop PCBs, and I seem to have 6. I'll email and see what they say. Not that I mind having 6...

Goods were ordered on 18th May. I had my email notification of despatch on Thursday 28th.
USPS mailing office online postage date is 27th, Royal Mail customs cleared date is 31st, arrived today (2nd June). That's 15 days all told, with no extra customs charges on this one.

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  1. hurrah!

    The opto-endstops are good to start with, if you're not confident with soldering yet.

    They're quite small and can be tested with a 3 small batteries(4.5v) or a 5v supply if you've got it.