Thursday, 11 June 2009

Preparations for the next stage

I bought a cheap frying pan yesterday, but haven't decided whether to sacrifice one of our existing ones or use the shiny new one for the "cooking" of the circuit boards on the gas hob. The new one has a bigger base - what is the biggest size board I'll need to make, I wonder?

TK Maxx sub-total £7 on the ticket, reduced at checkout to £6 something just under the 7.

Also, today I got a Royal Mail card through the door: "Unfortunately we can't deliver your item because there's a fee to pay" - ah ha, that'll be the other electronics from the states then!

The payment due is £16.66, which I can either pay online (apparently), but no details are given, or by affixing the right postage to the card and sending it back to them, or in person if I go to collect the item. I guess I'll try option 1, as I can then elect a delivery day to suit.

I must get on and order some components and solder paste now. I've already learnt (thanks Nophead) that my thermistor I bought isn't good enough. Unfortunately, there is precious little information on the RepRap site about specifics required for the components to go on the circuit boards. I expect a few more errors in my orders (if anyone has a parts list for RadioSpares (RS) suitable for any of the 3rd generation boards, I'd be very VERY grateful....).

I've contacted RS, and despite their terms and conditions, and the fact that their registration form requires a company name, individuals are welcome to order from them. Companies get free delivery, but the rest of us have to pay around a fiver, apparently. Or pick up from a local depot within a couple of hours of ordering - I checked the local (Manchester) one, and discovered it is actually in Stockport - which is where I am! That may be useful, if my walking is up to it, as it's a bit of a way off the nearest bus-route.

Time to update the running total costs: the RRRF store order, which was supposted to be 9.70 actually came to £9.69 according to my credit card bill with no extra costs, the Makerbot order came to £58.11, with now an extra £16.66 import tax and fees .

Running total (excluding last set of washers and screws from B&Q in May) = £262.88
(Can I say "ouch" now?)

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  1. A RepRap is an expensive hobby... It's still cheaper than a kit.

    Just compare it to golf, skiing, or diving - all much more expensive hobbies. Then it doesn't feel too bad.

    My wife spend £3500 on a piano... so I'm OK for the 750ish I've spent so far on kits.