Thursday, 11 June 2009

Wonder if that worked?

Website forms. Aaaaaarrrrgh!
I went to the Royal Mail site, had to register, and set all the details to pay my fee (apparently only £8 of it is customs fee) - but then there was nowhere to go to request redelivery. So, back to the start and I went through the section for a parcel that couldn't be put through the letterbox and nobody was in. This doesn't have anywhere to explain that the fee is paid, that the receipt number is....

Anyway, I'll wait to see if it is delivered on Saturday as requested.

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  1. The customs fee will be 15% of the order value it is just the VAT, the £8 is the Post Office handling fee. Thus the post office usualy take considerably more than customs take. However if you have your package deliverd by Parcel force the Handling fee increases to £13 almost double the handling fee the post office charge.