Monday, 18 May 2009

Oh blogger!

I have ordered a Solarbotics GM3 motor for the extruder from a UK source: Active Robots! £7.99 inc P&P

Running total = £ 150.76

But I dithered about the electronics too long. Remember my table of what was available? That was only on the 15th (today being the 18th) and now the RRRF has sold out of the Generation 3 motherboard (just the board) and the stepper motor driver boards.
I'm ordering the 3 opto endstop boards and the noise suppressor board for the extruder motor from them NOW.
I'm ordering from Makerbot: 3 stepper motor driver boards, and (gulp) the extruder controller and motherboard as full kits NOW. That definitely gives customs the flag.
This is going to be expensive!
Just checking out now....
RRRF charge comes to £9.70 inc postage (so far) with current exchange rate.
Makerbot = problem. The checkout procedure won't go beyond selecting a payment method - nothing happens. Oh-oh. I have emailed customer service. I hope these items don't sell out before I can order them or I'm well and truly stuck.

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