Thursday, 7 May 2009


Yep, the x threaded rod was too long. I have now cut it back to 51 cm. (And yep I've changed units again!)

I have wrapped my 8 mm nut in electrical tape to seat it firmly in the 15 mm pipe clip, and it took about 15 " of tape to do so - rather more than I expected. I wondered if this had to have some give, or whether gluing it may be a good option?
I have bolted my pipe clip holding the 8 mm nut to my x-stage, and am now ready to sort out the motor.

I still need to cut the extra off the baseboard, but thought I'd do this when I disassemble the x-framework to mount the motor.

Also, I have started a Wiki, which should eventually contain complete instructions, parts, costs, pictures and diagrams. Consider this blog as my lab. notebook, and the Wiki as my SOP/method for someone else to follow step by step.
I'll post links when it's in a fit state to use.

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