Friday, 8 May 2009

Pet shop blank

I went to my local pet shop (~200 m away right at the end of my road) today to ask about tubing, but they only do one size, and that looks to be about 3 mm diameter.
Hmm. Trying to think of somewhere else I can try. I only need about 15 cm, if that.


  1. B&Q do plastic tubing in various sizes, or they did last time I looked.

  2. I assume you are talking about tubing for the motor couplings...

    I used windshield washer tubing from a car. It was the right diameter for my 1/4" rods and drive shafts but does have a bit of give in it. Trick is to get it firmly seated on both pieces so that they are butted together internally.

    Another thing I've tried is aluminum cable stops from our local hardware store. They come in a range of internal sizes. You drill and tap either end for set screws and you have a makeshift motor coupler that has no slip or windup. Only problem with this one is that your drive shaft on your motor has to be perfectly co-linear with your threaded screw. Any misalignment causes wonky action of your stages.

    Another option is what are called Lovejoy couplings from some place online.

    Be careful that you read the specifications completely and order all three parts for each motor coupling.

    These are, by far, the best route to take. I've spent no end of time on this issue--among many others--and would now just as soon save my time for more worthwhile projects like calibrating the machine to do actual printing like Nophead gets to do all the time.

    Very jealous of that mad genius... :-(

    Anyway, your constant posts are a real pleasure to read. I'm glad you post so often. A build progress picture would be nice to see! Keep up the good work.


  3. Hi Nophead - I have only found plumbing pipe, syphon tubing or hosepipes on the B&Q website - where should I be looking (ie what kind of department?)

  4. Hi DemChi,
    I'm going to stick with flexible linkages at the mo. - my threaded rod and motor are not in the same plane. This may be something I tweak in the future, though.