Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Did you see that?

Two problems - did you spot one?
The pipe clip should be on the opposite side according to the McWire instructions. I know I've seen it the other way round somewhere - hold on whilst I go looking...

.... yep it's on the Makezine version ( Y-motor at back. I'm trying to figure out if that matters, having the motor at the back instead of the front.

The other problem is yet another error - I've put one pivot-arm's pivot screwhole in the wrong place. (How did I manage that?!)
I'm getting to be quite a dab hand at disassembly....

On another front, people keep asking me what I'm planning with the electronics to control this thing - well, having seen the Paperduino ( I'd like to be able to make all the boards in a similar manner. Only I haven't a clue how! The boards required are not available in the UK, so I'm short of options. If I buy from the US, I'll probably get stung for import tax (~15 %) + handling, so I'd rather find a local/European supplier.


  1. I saw a forum comment about buying the plain boards from RRRF, which is just on or below the customs limit of £18.

    Personally, I ordered the whole kits from the states with a couple of extra bits (£110+) and then got hit for duty and admin fee (£30+). It's a bit annoying having to pay 'twice' - but was easier for me.

    you *might* be able to get some 'prototype'/hobby PCBs run off using a UK company, but I don't know whether that's cheaper or not.

    Or, give Ian at BitsFromBytes an email or call. He was very helpful and might be able to sort you out an electronics-only kit or the PCBs.

    Good luck

  2. Generally US prices plus 15% are cheaper than UK prices in my experience and Zach's prices are pretty good. It can take a long time to arrive though.

    The gen3 boards are surface mount so you won't be able to make them that way. It might be possible to make gen2 boards but I would not recommend it.

    The normal way to do hobby electronics is to either use stripboard or etch your own PCBs.

  3. I agree - US prices, especially zachs, are pretty good. When I looked, it was still the cheapest option to just get the kits from RRRF/MakerBot rather than get the boards and buy components, or make/order my own.

    I suspect it's still the cheapest option.