Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Nothing to do with collapse, yet, but I've prised off the black plastic foot from the furniture leg, measured the inside and I've cut a piece of waste timber to fit. This was stuff stored in the loft from when we domolished a false wall ~8 years ago. I am a little concerned to see a couple of woodworm holes in the timber, although not in the section I've used here. I guess we should check the roof timbers now.

The piece I have cut is 2.2 x 3.5 x 18 cm. I sanded off the splinters, and was delighted to find it fitted first time, slotting straight in with very little play, and I hope the fit is tight enough. I don't know yet if this piece is long enough, so here comes some more development work. Ditto with the height of the upright support timber. I may not know until I have my extruder fitted to my z-stage - it depends on the size of the extruder I use, I think.

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