Thursday, 7 May 2009


The thing with B&Q, like many other retailers, is that they have now bar-coded every individual item. This means that 1 m long and 2 m long items have their own sticky label bar code. I cannot peel the labels off the channels/angles at all, and although the ones on the threaded rods come off easily enough, they leave their sticky behind. Not what you want for freely-moving nuts on threads.
I tried household soap, then detergent (washing up liquid), then a cleaning gel, and finally a spray containing ammonia, well brushed in with a toothbrush. This finally worked. However, on threading the rod through a nut I found tiny balls of grey glue were forming deep in the thread. I have removed all of these with my fingernail.

I have now attached the motor, using 3 mm screws, 1 cm long, each with 2 washers. The mounting holes are 4.4 cm apart. I used a 5.5 mm drill bit for the motor arm and a 3 mm drill bit for the 3 mm screws. I just need some tubing......


  1. wd40 can help remove the labels (from how clean is my house). Spray it on, leave to soak in for a minute, then scrape off with plastic scraper.

    You might also find something like acetone (nail varnish remover) helps dissolve the glue. NOTE: acetone dissolves ABS - you can also use it to clean out nozzles - so don't use it on plastic!

  2. Thanks Renoir - I'd not thought of using WD40. Probably won't help much for the threaded rods, though, given that a scraper isn't appropriate, but I'll perhaps try that for the flat pieces. Thanks.