Monday, 11 May 2009

Toddling along

I forgot to say that I have now cut the excess off both sides of my baseboard - I did that last week. I have an amended diagram to reflect the changes. I'll keep on amending it, though, until it is right, as I still have some development work to do with the rear upright post. At that point I shall put the diagram up on the blog.

After a lovely weekend away, I didn't have the oomph to walk up to ScrewFix, so today, in the sun (and wind) I cut all my other PTFE disks from the rod. The picnic table, which is slightly too high for me to get up onto its seats easily, makes a good workbench - it already has gaps ideal for sawing! I cut and marked some more MDF pivot arms, too, for the y- and z-stages.

I then marked the y-stage for the disks/arms. I spent the rest of the time drawing out the diagrams for the x-stage and y-stage hole positions and glue positions. I have nearly finished - just want to check them over before I post them up.

I hope to go out tomorrow, because I can't go much further without more 5 mm washers.

And yes, it's time to do piccies. I need to find a suitable backdrop and/or floor to present clear photo's.

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