Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Well, I said I'd post about errors. I've just come across a teeny weeny little major problem.

Given that I ended up using 3 cm screws for attaching the PTFE disks to the underside of the x-stage, necessitating removal of part of the baseboard to provide enough clearance, that means that my y-stage isn't going to slide over the x-stage. Ooops. Should have thought of this earlier.
Now I know why the other B&Qer used bigger u-channel (ie taller rails).

I have several options:
  • buy bigger channel (2.5 cm instead of 2 cm) and, basically, start again
  • use the PTFE sheet (3 mm think) instead of the MDF (6 mm thick) to make the pivot arms
  • cut my disks smaller (and I only did all the cutting of those yesterday - cutting them thinner will be difficult to say the least)
  • put a strip of MDF under the y-rails to raise their height (adds 6 mm clearance) - probably the easiest option, although insufficient (use 2 strips??)
  • all of the above to get enough height?!

I wonder if I'll have to do this for the z-stage as well?

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