Sunday, 17 May 2009

Shuffling on the spot

You hope you're going to remember everything, but you don't!
I put together the springy/wheely bit of the z-stage, and mounted it on the 'vertical base'. Wondered why it sprung straight off.

Oh yes, I remember now - I need to raise the rails to allow for the long screws on the stage.... I knew this back when I did the y-stage.....

Yet another disassembly, cut the strips, reassemble, realise the rail screws need to be swapped to longer ones as well, re-(re re?) disassemble, reassemble.
I've been cheating and using an electric screwdriver. I've run it flat again.

It occurs to me that a picture of my marking box would be in order, so here it is. I tried to get pictures showing the PTFE disks in various stages of marking up, but the brilliant white sets the brightness settings on the camera all wrong so that the marked lines cannot be seen. Anyone know how to take photographs involving brilliant white without losing dark/fine detail/colours?

The friction seems to be lowest with the most perfect disks on the outside of the rail and the others moving with the springs.

1 comment:

  1. MY pictures of PTFE always come out too bright too. You can't see any details, even sometimes holes dissapear.

    It's probably to do with the flash or something, but I've never bothered to solve it.