Tuesday, 12 May 2009


....ScrewFix"!! (Pardon my French)

I thought I'd struggle up to ScrewFix today to get more washers, and to try out penny washers, now I've found them on their website. Problem was they're not down as 'penny washers' in their catalogue - there are 2 different products labelled 'large flat washers', so I had to guess from the pictures.
And I get home to find I got it wrong! Grrrrr!

Anyway, here are the diagrams I finished yesterday for the x-stage and pivot bars:

The y-stage diagram still needs its PTFE slider positions adding.


  1. Nice...
    I like the use of cm, mm, and inches on the same diagram - keeps you on your toes!
    What did you end up with, then - labelled as 'large flat washers'?


  2. I just use the easiest units for the task in hand (I always have - a proper feet and cm person, me!)
    Large flat washers were largISH - but only about the same outer diameter as the 8 mm washers I was using previously.