Friday, 1 May 2009

If at first you don't succeed...

And if at second you don't succeed either....
OK, if you're trying to put a countersunk 5 mm diameter bolt with a 9 mm diameter head into MDF, use a 4 mm pilot hole and a countersinking marking line of 11 mm diameter.
I've finally got it right now!

(I wonder how many of these sorts of things you are taught/pick up/learn if you get the chance to do woodworking/metalworking at school?)


  1. I did a Design/Tech A-level (and mechanical engineering degree) - and never learned properly how to drill holes/cut stuff. I learned more helping my dad do DIY.
    I read and Make magazine - there's some useful tips

  2. Hi Renoir, thanks for the (frequent) feedback. It's nice to know somebody is reading this! I took in a lot of what Dad did/does, but it never occurred to me that HOW he did it was a question I should ask. I did know you should start power tools before approaching your workpiece though. And I learnt loads by having a go at the DIY, which has been pretty successful.
    Who/where are you? I am close to Manchester.

  3. Hi Hazel, hope you're ok, I've been reading this blog but have to ask... what exactly is it you're building and what does/ will it do?!?

  4. As always you are told the basics that can be found anywhere. The real skills of how to go about only come with experience of doing it and if you are really really lucky being able to watch a craftsman over a long period, cos they cant tell you as it seems to obvious to them!