Thursday, 30 April 2009


After much discussion on the RepRap forum, I have ordered 3 of the following stepper motors:
NEMA 17 type, part number FL42STH47-1204 from Motion Control Products Ltd, webpage
Basic details are Voltage: 4V, Current (phase): 1.2A, Inductance (Phase): 6mH, Holding Torque: 45Ncm, and it is a 1.8 degree stepper. Heavy, though at 150 g, but cheap at £9.26 each.
From trials of other motors it seems that the holding torque never gets to the rated values (of ~ 0.3 Nm and upwards) on the motors tried by others because of the current (ie electric current A) limits imposed by the controller electronics.
That's if I understand it....

Motion Control Products sub-total = £45.75 inc P&P
  • Stepper motor, part number FL42STH47-1204, £9.26, x 3

Running total = £142.77

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