Thursday, 30 April 2009


I spent yesterday evening and this morning hunting for suitable stepper motors. Unfortunately, the requirements don't seem to have been quoted anywhere. Actually, the fact that you need 3 stepper motors at all has been omitted from the parts list for the McWire on and for the Seedling on!

This afternoon I marked all the base drill-hole positions with a centre-punch and hammer and using an electric drill drilled the 3 mm pilot hole in the MDF, then used the countersink bit afterwards. I used a 1.5 mm drill bit, then the 3 mm drill bit and finally the 5.5 mm drill bit to go through the metal pieces for the base. This helped keep my drill-holes centred on my mark and therefore as accurate as I could make them. I filed off the burrs with my hand metal-file.
Before assembly begins, I shall use these pieces (drawing through the holes) to mark the positions of the holes on the rails and angles for the y- and z-stages, because they are to be assembled in the same way.


  1. Blimey - you're still posting daily! I have problems finding enough time to post once a week!

    I'll have to post now... you're making me look bad...

  2. Hey I didn't post at the weekend...
    but only because I was away!
    I can only say "What day job?"
    And that I'm enjoying giving this a go :)