Monday, 20 April 2009

OK, that went relatively well - my longest wait was for a member of staff to come to my help, rather than when I ordered the taxi!
The chap who got me a trolley also loaded it from various aisles for me, wheeled it to and through the tills and outside ready for the taxi. I had to laugh because he picked a rubbish trolley with a jammed wheel! A whole wealth of tools and equipment on hand, and no fixing done there!

Itemised shopping list so far, including earlier purchases:

B&Q sub-total = £57.47
  • u-shaped clamps = 15 mm saddle clips, pack of 10, £2.18 - not on their website, (aka pipe clips) - guessing the size required, but it won't break the bank if I've got it wrong.
  • threaded rods, 8 mm x 1 m, part no. each £2.02, x2
  • aluminium angles = raw aluminium corner, 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm x 2 m, part no. 3232630508305, £13.41
  • aluminium u-shape rails = anodised aluminium U, 2 cm x 2 cm x 1 m, part no. 3232630214756, each £7.94 , x 3
  • acrylic = OK, it's MDF, 6 mm x 1220 mm x 607 mm, part no. 5022652550011, £5.48
  • flange = aluminium furniture leg, square profile, part no. 5013144016191, £5.48 (furniture leg)
  • bolts for flange = machine screws, pack of 10, 5 mm x 5 cm, part no. 5020789853487, £3.06 (aka countersunk bolts and nuts)

Maplin sub-total = £2.99

  • 4 " springs = 150 pc spring set, part no. , £2.99 - a box of extension springs (and others), hoping to be able to select correct sizes as appropriate.

eBay UK sub-total = £12.26

  • Teflon strips = PTFE sheet, 3 mm thick, 10 cm x 22 cm, £6.28 inc P&P, from seller: gfgplasticfabricationsltd
  • roller bearings = PTFE rod, 25 mm diam x 22 cm, £5.98 inc P&P from seller: bunaday - this item to be cut into rounds

I also bought a new workbench because our existing one is too short for tallish people like us. I hope it's good enough, it is B&Q own brand, part no. 5050451, £29.98. We needed this anyway, so I'm not including this in costings for the project. I'm also not including (for your purposes) the taxi fare home £5.

Running total = £72.72

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