Sunday, 19 April 2009


Things I've learnt so far

  • Use 15 " y-axis threaded rod instead of 13 ". (Ref: BodgeIt) Not sure why, but happy to go with 15 " - can always shorten it, but couldn't lengthen it!
  • Use 8 mm threaded rod instead of 6 mm so it won't bend so easily. (Ref: BodgeIt)
  • Don't buy the screws as listed for the McWire (ref: PeterG) - fair enough, I shall figure out what size/length I need as I go along. (UK seller Screwfix is only a walk up the road.)
  • Don't buy the springs until you determine what lengths are actually needed given the placement of pre-ordered x, y, z plates (called stages). OK, what I'm planning is getting some springs, and then placing holes appropriately. No holes will be in the same place anyway due to design alterations (eg MDF baseboard, no piping, flange, etc)
  • Don't expect anything to go smoothly - it won't!

And don't try to get your straightness-checked 1 m lengths of threaded rod in a rucksack on your back onto the bus.

I hope I remember to make all the necessary alterations in sizes of nuts etc to account for all of the above.....chances?

Nope, thought not.

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