Thursday, 23 April 2009

Hmmm - interesting

Marking onto PTFE turned out to be interesting - pencil didn't work at all, and trying to make small measurements marks with a ball-point pen was a bit hit and miss, but marking lines with the pen was largely fine.

I don't know how long to make these PTFE strips (they're 0.5 " wide), but the instructions ( say there are 12 of them, and the total number listed in the BOM is 24...

In the pictures they look about 2.5 " long, judging against the size of the stages.
Meanwhile, the BOM under ( states 24 " of PTFE strip - although that may just be the size of the supplier's part.

So, I'm going to go with 2 " per piece of PTFE.


  1. 2" is more than enough. I ended up using about an inch myself. However, I didn't bolt them to the stages as Zach's instrucitons show. I super glued them. Then again, I was using plexiglass for my x-y stages. Not much sticks to PTFE but superglue is one of those things.

    Good to see someone building something!


  2. Ah, yes, it was probably your comments I'd read on the forum somewhere, and had noted that superglue was the way to go.

  3. No problem! Glad someone read them and found them useful.