Friday, 11 September 2009

Seeing more clearly

I had bought a set of magnifying glasses to help with the assembly/checking of the circuit boards. It suddenly occurred to me yesterday evening that I could perhaps try taking the photographs with the magnifying glass, since my camera really doesn't like very close-up work, despite having a close-up setting.

Tried it out this morning. Holding both items steady with the magnifying glass against the zoomed out camera lens, and trying to avoid casting one huge shadow over the subject was tricky, and I had to use Blu-Tak to hold the subject, but I am quite pleased with the results. I shall use this technique in future.
So here is the stepper motor driver board, again,

and then the strip of capacitors showing the opened end if you look really carefully (it is the invisiblest film - do you like the new word?), and then the front of the capacitors' packaging.

You can see the scale of this against the camera strap on the right of the photo'!

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  1. Those SMT components really are small! And these are 'large' smt ones....