Friday, 11 September 2009

On the surface

It has taken me about an hour to get together all the surface-mount parts for the first stepper motor driver board, and I haven't even put them (nor even the solder paste) onto the board yet. I'm very glad I used my own identifiers when I submitted my order to Farnell, because one rating of ceramic capacitor has no useful information other than "capacitor" on the Farnell label, so I was glad of being able to cross-reference. Also, having a spreadsheet of suppliers for each component per board was useful, so that I knew I was looking for a RS part for this and a RapidOnline part for that, for example.

Here is a picture of different packaging, of resistors: same idea but this time mostly soft card with transparent film windows in it.

Here are all the surface-mount parts laid out around the board. You can see one capacitor still in its packaging towards the bottom of the picture - that is to distinguish it from the others.

I had forgotten that I hadn't been able to find everything as surface mount, and now I look at the 0.25 ohm resistor, and go, "Oh my, how on earth am I going to mount this on the surface? It's (relatively) huge".
Now I do remember BodgeIt giving a link to his non-surface-mounted component done as surface-mounted, so I'm hunting that down. I shall have to stand this resistor vertically because it won't fit in any other way. So I'll do that when I do the manual soldering for the through-hole components.

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