Thursday, 27 August 2009


The good folks at Farnell, bless their little cotton socks, had refunded £20.75 straight onto my credit card (but fogot to tell me!). They didn't have to do this, as it was my error in the first place, so I am very grateful.
I have now ordered, from Farnell, as it only seems right, some solder wire and solder paste. I'm going for lead-free as an environmental sciency person.

Farnell (second) sub-total £19.26
  • solder paste, lead-free, no-clean, 5 ml, 10 g, manufacturer: Edsyn, part number 1521898, £16.11
  • solder wire, lead-free, 0.7 mm, 2 m, manufacturer: Multicore, part number 9887105, 64 p.
When it comes to adding the costs of everything, I can take off £20.75 for the Farnell refund, but add £1.62 it cost me to post the extraneous parts back!

Back on 11th June, the costs had reached £262.88, excluding a set of washers and screws from B&Q, and the welding tips that got missed off, at £2.
Then on the 21st July came the first Farnell order (less the refund now received), £72.08
and the subsequent return postage of £1.62
the RapidOnline order £12.35
the RS order (less the solder paste refund now received), £3.59
the Maplin further order (including 2 LEDs now not needed) £1.99
today's Farnell second order (as above) £19.26

so the running total now stands at a whopping £

I probably wouldn't have started if I'd thought I'd be spending this much, but hey, still having fun, and it's giving me something unusual to talk about at weddings!


  1. I think I've spent £700 + on mine so far - but I'm happy to 'experiment' and have fun with it. The makerbot / Rapman kits start to look like a good deal after a while....

    Have fun


  2. As an employee of the parent company, Premier Farnell, I'm happy to hear you were treated so well.

    As an aside, you might want to start a user group on, our new community site. It is full of product & user information.