Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Joy and distress

Having been informed by Nophead that I had eleven too many headers (I had ordered 12 24-pin connectors, as listed on the Reprap parts lister, when it seems 4-pins were needed, so one 24-pin cut up into short sections would be enough for all three boards!), I emailed Farnell. I explained that it was entirely my error, that I'd ordered 12 and only wanted 1, and asked if I could send the others back unused for a refund. They emailed to say yes, or at least I'd get a credit raised. Very decent of them, considering!
I've put them back in the post now. That was the joy.

Now for the distress. After RS local trade counter failed to find my goods when I was there, and then took half an hour to determine that the missing item, solder paste, wouldn't be available until the 6th August, I thought I'd better ring the trade counter to check it was there before setting off on my sojourn. I rang the number given for the local counter this morning - but the system automatically puts you through to head-office. I explained what I wanted, and the lady said she'd ring the counter for me to check (since there was nothing on their system) ringing me straight back.

Having heard nothing 3 hours later, I rang again. She said she'd been trying, but nobody answered. She'd continue trying.
Another 2 hours passed, I rang again, and got passed to somebody new, who redirected me to the counter - but all I got was holding messages.
When she went off shift, I got passed to the 3rd operator, who tried again.... Anyway, another 2 hours later, she rang me back to say she hadn't managed to talk to anyone yet (it was now 5 pm) and went away (with me on hold) to consider options.
As a private individual without an account BECAUSE I'D ELECTED TO COLLECT (apparently), she couldn't send me another tube of paste out, because their system didn't have my details on it! It would look like a new order - unpaid. So I'd have to pay again online, and then have a credit put on my account afterwards. Humph. So they'd get to keep the money. Don't like that.
The weird thing is that all my details are on one of their systems - I can get to it all when I log in to their ordering website. After going round the houses, and it being 3 weeks since I expected to have the solder paste, and them not being able to tell me where it was/is, I have requested a refund. I should receive a cheque.
Guess I'll be using my Farnell credit to order solder paste....


  1. Hi Hazel,

    I think somebody recommended this firm in the forums. http://www.mrtechservices.co.uk/product.php/276/217/qualitek_618d_no_clean_lead_free_solder_paste__syringe_dispensing_

    Certainly cheaper than Farnell, but I can't vouch for them.

  2. You might me interested to know there is a hacker space being set up near you

  3. Hi Nophead,
    Since I'll have credit sitting with Farnell, I'll use them this time. Could be useful information, though, so thanks.
    Also, thanks for the local hacker space info - how did you come across it? That is right near me - but I'll be stuck if there's no lift in the Mill.....

  4. I can't remember how I found them. I think I just Googled for hackspaces Manchester.

    They meet in a pub on Wednesdays, but I can't make any Wednesdays, so I am only watching their Google group.

    I expect a mill will have a lift to get equipment in and out. I suppose it might not be a passenger lift, but I would have thought they would have to have that sort of access nowadays in a public building.

    I don't think they have finalised on the mill yet.