Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Every little bit

I have completed my spreadsheet showing all the parts I need for those printed circuit boards I could not purchase as kits. I have found UK alternatives/alternative suppliers for all parts now, and as cheaply as possible (I believe). The components are for the following Generation 3 boards:
  • opto endstop v2.1 - need 3
  • GM3 noise suppressor v1.0 for extruder motor - need 1
  • temperature sensor v2.0 for thermistor - need 1
  • stepper motor driver v2.3 - need 3
plus solder paste and tweezers.

I have linked to the spreadsheet below. There are four sheets; the first contains all the parts required, the other three contain shopping lists for the relevant suppliers, including final costs.

Electronic components for Generation 3 RepRap PCBs


  1. Fantastic work. I've been thinking about upgrading to gen 3 electronics, or at least getting another couple of stepper drivers. My single arduino setup is looking a little bit limited now, with the current huge firmware!

    Thanks. It's saved me lots of time finding the components on the UK sites.

  2. Hi Hazel,
    You don't need to pay nearly £3 each for 0.25R resistors. I recently got some 0.22R, which are close enough, for 30p each from RS. here

  3. Do you really need 12 24 pin connectors? Surely they should be 4 pin?

    Once you get past £50 it is free shipping from Mouser and they are a lot cheaper for small quantities. The pain is you have to pay VAT when they arrive, so need to be in.

  4. Nophead - ah, I was not sure what was close enough for the resistors. Thanks for the info.
    Too late for this time, though, as the order is in.

    The connectors were as specified in the RepRap Parts Lister under stepper motor driver v2.3 - does this mean their BOM is wrong?

    I admit when I started out making my list I ignored Mouser due to their delivery charge of ~£12. I was aiming to use as few suppliers as poss to limit deliveries/charges, and I wasn't expecting to reach the kind of totals I now have....

  5. Looking into it: The board has two 4 pin headers. The part that the BOM shows is a 24 strip that you can divide up into 6, so I think you have ordered 12 times too many! Perhaps you can offer them in the "for sale" forum.